Ari Paul Felber was born and raised in West Philadelphia (Yes, like The Fresh Prince of Bell Aire). Ari was always the funny guy and ham in school. Ari visited his father in Arizona when he was 10 and his father took him to Las Vegas, NV and that is where Ari was introduced to magic. While scoping out shops in Vegas, Ari’s father found a magic shop and knew he had to take Ari to it. Ari was blown away and had to know how to do this. Ari’s father bought him a bunch of magic tricks and the love affair begun.

After practicing for about 4 months, Ari lost his magic love for years and years, until college. Before Ari moved off to college he found the bag of tricks (pun intended) his dad bought him all those years prior and the love affair was renewed.

Ari practiced and started doing magic for anyone and everyone he could at school and got better and better at this art. Fast forward to present day and Ari Paul Felber has been performing as a professional and full time entertainer for 6 years! Ari’s shows are fun, interactive and full of “how did he do that?!” moments.

Ari has performed on numerous TV shows and for corporate, school, and private clients all over, not to mention for Hollywood stars and professional athletes. Ari loves what he does and wants to share the fun with you!!

After performing for Hollywood actor Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie Movie Franchise)

Taken after performing for Hollywood actor Jim Parsons (Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory)